Nutec Bickley Acquires Olson Industries

Rotary Furnace Discharge and Material Handling

Nutec Bickley (Monterrey, Mexico), the international leader in the design and manufacture of innovative and efficient industrial furnaces, ovens, ceramic kilns, and combustion systems, has announced the key asset acquisition of Olson Industries (Burgettstown, PA, USA). This major move will see Nutec Bickley complement its existing product range to offer more complete packages for the […]

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Why a Drop Bottom Furnace is the best option for you?

The Drop Bottom Furnace is the most efficient equipment to achieve solution heat treatment of aluminum in a batch configuration. The combination of the main features like customized air distribution furnace system, quick door opening , heavy duty lifting mechanism and quench tank with required agitation makes this furnace as the ideal equipment for aluminum heat treat […]

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Tip Up Furnaces: Improve on Temperature Uniformity Conference

Nutec Bickley research department has been accepted for an oral presentation at the 5th International Conference on Thermal Process Modeling and Computer Simulation to be held in Orlando, Florida on June 16 – 18, 2014. The conference title is Improvement on Temperature Uniformity in an Industrial Tip-up Heat Treating Furnace. Read more: TIP UP FURNACES

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