Product Showcase: Tunnel Kilns

Tunnel kilns become the most efficient and consistent firing method when required volumes become large and consistent. They have become significantly more flexible in recent years with intelligent controls but they still demand higher production capacities. This means different quantities for different products but a normal size for Sanitaryware would be 80-120m long and 3.5m wide where for high temperature technical ceramics this could be 25m long and 1m wide. The combination of the main features of burner location and multiple control zones ensure temperature uniformity and high product consistency. Nutec Bickley provides custom designed Tunnel Kilns to match the customer production and process requirements featuring:


  • Pre assembly and testing in our Monterrey plant to ensure quick, disruption free installations.
  • Gas fired with IMPS (Intelligent Multizone Pulsing System) or traditional control systems available.
  • Brick or Ceramic fiber linings depending upon flexibility requirements.
  • Fully automatic Car handling solutions.
  • Energy Saving with Internal Recuperation and Heat Recovery is available.
  • Ceramic hangers for long life roof integrity.
  • Power Failure Protection System (PFPS) to keep kilns operating when there are short power disruptions to prevent lengthy re light procedures.
  • User friendly SCADA and operator interfaces make data storage and quality management easy for the operator team as well as for the Management.

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