Ceramic Industries Served

At Nutec Bickley, we design and manufacture kilns for the ceramic industry using leading technology and best practice.

We achieve this by utilizing a quality system that assures the continuous improvement of our kiln designs.

Ceramic Industries Served BrochureCeramic Industries Served Brochure
Ceramic Industries View


Best Fuel Consumption in the World: For Tunnel Kiln under 1,000 Kcal/Kg of ware and on shuttle kilns under 1,700Kcal/kg of ware, make Nutec Bickley sanitaryware kilns the most fuel efficient in the market.

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With our advanced designs and temperature control systems, precise firing and cooling curves can be achieved, together with a very tight temperature distribution throughout the kiln setting.

Kilns for refactories View

Kilns for refactories

Lowest Fuel Consumption: By integrating our combustion and energy recovery systems we ensure the lowest fuel consumption possible when firing refractory products.

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Technical Ceramics

Outstanding Fuel Efficiency: Using heat recovery systems we ensure the optimal energy usage while firing technical ceramics.

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Tunnel Kilns, Shuttle Kilns and Carbell® kilns can be used for this purpose offering improved product quality and the lowest energy usage.

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Vitrified Clay Pipe

Using heat recovery systems we ensure the optimal energy usage while firing heavy clay products.


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