Tundish Preheaters

Nutec Bickley provides Tundish Preheaters for vertical firing with either hydraulic or electromechanical drives in order to lift heater cover clear of the Tundish Preheater.

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Tundish Preheaters

The design of the equipment included in Nutec Bickley’s Tundish Preheaters integrates the following concepts in order to make state of the art equipment with the most modern process in the Tundish Preheaters:

  • Use of nozzles that create gas recirculation and allow for a uniform drying of the load and a more efficient heat transfer by convection with the product.
  • Combustions system with individual burner ignition system which tallies for a line of gas per burner with a fine tuning valve, atomizing air, a diesel line for quick fuel Exchange and a solenoid shut off valve.
  • Electronic flame relay system.
  • Hydraulic movement for the lid.
  • Process control using a panel equipped with a safety system against flame failure.


  • High efficiency gas burner.
  • High velocity gas burner in order to improve convection heat transfer.
  • Combustion Train meets with NFPA-86.
  • High efficiency combustion blower.
  • Electromechanic or hydraulic mechanism.
  • Control panel with PID or PLC option.
Tundish Preheaters

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