Frequently, our industry customers have special needs due to the processes that they carry out or the particular materials used during production.

This poses a problem when in trying to buy a furnace they find themselves limited as none of the standardized models on the market exactly meets their requirements, forcing them to choose a model that most closely suits their needs and thereby causing them to pass up on valuable opportunities to optimize their processes.

Below, we want to explore scenarios in which either a customized or standardized furnace model is more advisable.

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Discovering the optimal solution for your process
Advantages of having a custom furnace / kiln
How can Nutec Bickley help you?

Discovering the optimal solution for your process

Let’s take a look at the possible scenarios and which option is the best for each.

Custom manufactured furnaces and kilns are ideal:

  • When very heavy loads are involved.

  • If part of the process relies heavily on tight temperature uniformity and/or involves very high temperatures.

  • Where there are tight fuel consumption, production level, or energy consumption parameters to be met.

  • In explosive environments.

  • Where it is necessary to reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

  • When there is a limited factory area and a specialized design is required to optimize floor space.

  • When the furnace needs to be integrated with existing product handling equipment.

  • In applications using robots and automated manufacturing cells.

  • When needing to conform with design standards of countries with specific requirements (NFPA 86, EN746, CSA, etc).

Standard furnace lines are appropriate:

  • When looking for a small furnace without any special engineering (< 30m³ volume / < 3m wide).

  • For batch processes with a low level of complexity.

  • For applications involving small footprint, high-temperature equipment in laboratories.


Advantages of having a custom furnace / kiln

Some major benefits of choosing a custom furnace / kiln include:

  • More customized production processes with exactly the right size of unit and required operational efficiency.

  • Optimization of production cycles.

  • Improved flexibility in terms of choosing the brand of components to be used.

  • Better use of factory space.

  • Total compliance with the client’s local design criteria and standards.

  • Greater energy efficiency.


How can Nutec Bickley help you?

  • We involve our clients in the design and manufacturing processes, and any necessary modification stages.

  • We develop specialized custom software.

  • Total transparency when it comes to your furnace / kiln design, in order to explore possible improvements.

  • We are totally flexible regarding the brands, components, spare parts and software used in the design and manufacture of your equipment.

  • We take emissions limits into account, optimizing the available energy and employing low NOx technology.

  • When we’re manufacturing these furnaces, customers can visit our factory to see our work and review progress.

  • We have a thorough understanding of the processes, production and load manoeuvring involved when specific handling is required.

  • We can program custom production indicators in line with our customers’ needs.

  • We can design customized cars so that they are fully adaptable when there is a special load configuration.

  • We fit heat recovery systems.

  • We have a facility with enough space to preassemble the furnaces / kilns and to minimize installation times at the customer's plant.


At Nutec Bickley we are experts in the safety, processes, and programming of combustion systems for industrial furnaces and ceramic kilns. Contact our technical advice team to tell them about your next project, enabling us to manufacture exactly according to your specification.

Author: José Pablo Sánchez & Manuel Montes

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