Nutec Bickley is a recognized name across the North American furnace scene and, of course, is an active member of the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA). This year is a special one for this influential body as it is the 90th anniversary of its formation.

IHEA has proved itself highly successful over nine decades as the process heating industry's trade association, representing the leading designers and manufacturers of industrial heating equipment and related supplies and services. The organization focuses on driving its members' success by providing the knowledge base and authoritative voice for industrial heat processing.

There were just seven founding members in 1929 when representatives met up in Pittsburgh to form the organization. Total receipts that year were $800 and expenses came in at exactly $75.75!  As IHEA says, “1929 was a really tough time to start anything, yet these companies had the vision to work together and form an association that would serve the industrial heating marketplace in the USA.”

The association actually started life as the Industrial Furnace Manufacturer’s Association and officially changed its name to IHEA in 1954.

In reality there is a double celebration this year as 2019 also marks the 50th IHEA Annual Combustion Seminar, which has led the industry in combustion education since 1970. Nutec Bickley is proud to be associated with the IHEA and we’re delighted to pass on news to you about these industry milestones.

We certainly associate ourselves enthusiastically with today’s team when they comment, “IHEA believes by bringing together key executives that share our sense of responsibility, we will improve our industry and enjoy ourselves while doing it. We hope everyone will celebrate with IHEA as we turn 90 and work with us to further the mission of the industry started by our founding members.”

Here’s looking forward to the big 100!


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