Over three days from 3-5 October 2018 the 32nd “Hotspot NB Combustion Seminar” took place at the Hotel Camino Real in San Pedro, Nuevo León, Mexico.

With this event organized by Nutec Bickley, we aim to study various concepts in the area of combustion processes in order to achieve major improvements, such as:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in environmental pollution
  • Reduction in fuel consumption (such as natural gas and diesel, among others)
  • Enhanced product quality
  • Ensuring a safer work environment that complies with current regulations
  • … and many more besides


Presenters with top-level industry experience

We lined up presenters with between 15 and 48 years’ experience in industrial furnaces and numerous combustion projects for all types of companies.

We also welcomed the presence of Nutec Bickley’s President, Daniel Llaguno, as well the Chairman of Nutec Group, Genaro Cueva, who joined the attendees, giving a brief review on the history of Nutec Bickley and its extensive experience in the field of heat treatment.

Attendance record broken

On this occasion we recorded the largest number of delegates ever, with 120 attendees interested in expanding their knowledge of furnaces, combustion systems and insulation.

Our event –  especially aimed at those seeking to know more about combustion processes in order to improve their business operations – attracted the presence of engineers, managers, maintenance/production managers and purchasing managers working in industries such as aluminum, metalworking etc.

A vital event for new team members

IMG_1444Aside from featuring numerous delegates from several renowned producers of steel and other metals, for a large number of companies attending our event has become a vital part of their training processes, meaning that year after year we have been able to count on their participation.

Our seminar is now considered by many companies as a necessary course within their training schedule, supplementing their own internal development program for new employees, thereby recognizing us as leaders in the industry.

Leading combustion topics

Since our presenters have many years of experience, knowledge and anecdotal evidence from within industry, we found that during the event there was a great interaction between presenters and attendees, with plenty of questions being posed, resulting in moments of almost one-on-one consultancy from which everyone could obtain a great deal of knowledge.

Some of the more popular topics were these:

1. Furnace control systems

2. On-the-ground troubleshooting

3. Troubleshooting ignition logic/safety functions

4. Air/fuel ratio

5. Combustion system components

One of the sessions with the greatest participation and heavy interaction from the audience was the one given by our Technical Director, Roberto Reyes, who spoke on ‘Burner Selection, a subject that was extended due to the delegates’ numerous questions and great enthusiasm around the practical concepts for equipment selection.

Live demonstrations underlined what we had learned

IMG_1434To round the event off, on Friday, 5 October we organized a tour of our plant with the intention of putting into practice the concepts studied in the theoretical talks during the first two days, with topics such as: burner location; air/gas regulation; flame control and its application in industrial furnaces.

Delegates were able to interact with the different types of furnaces and their combustion systems, components and operation – all complementing what was learned over the first two days.

The importance of safety in the industry

In addition, safety was discussed in great depth, a very important issue for all companies, and so we covered the following themes aimed at safe operation of the various combustion systems:

  • Safety procedures
  • Current regulations
  • Valves and other safety equipment


…and the delegates took away more than just knowledge

In this mixed theory/practice event, all those present picked up ideas directly applicable to their day-to-day operation and specific application.

In addition, certificates were issued endorsing their attendance at the event and we distributed souvenirs such as backpacks; also USB sticks loaded with all the seminar material as well as Nutec Bickley business unit brochures, to enable everyone to review all the content and share it with their work teams.

Why don’t you come and live the experience? We hope next year to once again welcome the attendance of an equally enthusiastic, questioning audience, thirsty for knowledge.

See you in 2019!


In Nutec Bickley we are manufacturers of a wide variety of products for combustion: galvanizing kettles, tundish dryers, ladle preheaters, air dryers and more.