All companies carrying out combustion processes in their production seek to achieve a better use of their resources and produce more while spending less, so we've taken on the challenge of finding new ways to improve the efficiency of your operation.

Discover more about our insulation and combustion systems and how they can help you enhance your operation with optimal fuel use.

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1. Macro Modules
2. Jointless
3. IMPS multizone pulsing system

1. Macro Modules

After years of experience in the firing of ceramics, we have developed a Macro Module configuration, comprising a single piece of monolithic ceramic acting as the insulation component.

This allows us to dispense with the unwanted joints that usually occur when using several ceramic fiber modules inside the kiln, thereby avoiding the need for frequent changing of cover plates on the gas outlet.

This also helps minimize the deterioration and maintenance needs of the Macro Module, since the design significantly reduces the risk of contamination.

2. Jointless

This system consists of the addition of a gas outlet integrated into the Macro Module to prevent the joints from endangering production due to possible leaks.

This is how we eliminate the risk of steel contamination and heat leakage common in jointed systems, both increasing fuel efficiency and protecting each piece during the process.

3. IMPS multizone pulsing system

Over the years we have created innovative control algorithms and new hardware to take this system to the next level and to exploit its full potential.

This is achieved by controlling the different variables of the heating curve inside the kiln – such as the internal pressure, heating rates and air/gas ratio – with the help of our software.

This permits the user to:

  • Regulate the temperature in each of the kiln zones in order to maintain a uniform temperature, with variations of no more than ±5°C (±40°F).

  • Decrease fuel consumption considerably, by up to 25%.

  • Achieve superior quality in the final production of sanitaryware, refractories, technical ceramics, heavy clay products, abrasives, etc.

At Nutec Bickley, we are renowned worldwide as pioneers and we constantly innovate in the world of combustion. So, over the years, we have developed new technologies with a broad range of applications and many advantages offered for all types of kilns. Contact our qualified technical advisors to learn more about solutions that we can offer.

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