Gas analysis involves measurements carried out in thermal equipment with combustion systems in order to quantify the gases generated as a result of the combustion of air and a fuel within the equipment.

Some of the data obtained are the following:

  • CO
  • CO2
  • O2
  • NO
  • NO2
  • Pressure in the flue

Learn more about this service, its benefits and how to interpret the results.

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Benefits of gas analysis for your thermal equipment
Steps to follow in a gas analysis
How do you interpret the data?
Who needs a gas analysis service?
At Nutec Bickley we can assist you

Benefits of gas analysis for your thermal equipment

Some of the advantages of conducting such an analysis are:

  • Good combustion in the equipment’s burners.
  • Compliance with local regulations on environmental issues.
  • Keeping burner emissions low.
  • Better burner energy efficiency, and therefore reduced fuel consumption.

At Nutec Bickley we perform an emissions analysis to provide a diagnosis of the energy performance and efficiency of the combustion system of your furnace or equipment.

Steps to follow in a gas analysis

First of all, you must have some idea of the temperature of the gases to avoid possible damage to the probe.

1. The first step in undertaking the analysis is to define the point or points where the measurement will be carried out.

2. If possible, measurements should be made at different representative points in the same area.

3. Carry out the measurement and wait until the instrument stabilizes.

How do you interpret the data?

Take into account the following criteria:

  • High or low CO and CO2 emissions provide an indication of how well or badly the fuel is burning in the burners.

  • Low or high NOx levels can suggest high flame temperatures or excess oxygen, which can be detrimental.

  • The O2 percentages indicate excess air related to combustion.


Who needs a gas analysis service?

Those experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Problems with product quality that may be due to the combustion process.
  • Increase in natural gas consumption compared to the usual levels.
  • Appearance of smoke with a color different from that normally seen/observed.
  • Need to calibrate burners based on emissions data.

At Nutec Bickley we can assist you

We have experience in various industrial processes and all the particular requirements involved

  • We carry out field surveys of the relevant variables of the internal functioning of the furnace.
  • We check the physical condition of your furnaces and combustion system components.
  • We deliver a technical audit report detailing our findings and conclusions.

At Nutec Bickley we are specialists in industrial furnaces and their diverse components. Contact our expert advisers so they can let you know about all the solutions that we have for you.

Author: Edgar Ulises Rivera

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