The Drop Bottom Furnace is the most efficient equipment to achieve solution heat treatment of aluminum in a batch configuration. The combination of the main features like customized air distribution furnace system, quick door opening , heavy duty lifting mechanism and quench tank with required agitation makes this industrial furnace as the ideal equipment for aluminum heat treat of castings, forging and other aluminum parts.


Nutec Bickley provides custom Drop bottom furnace sizes to match the customer production and process requirements featuring:

  • Low maintenance fiber lined sections using the large modules system to reduce the amount of joints.

  • Direct or Indirect Gas fired and electric heating systems available.

  • Recirculating ventilation systems designed to provide large volume and high velocity air flow through the work zone to insure uniformity and efficient heat transfer to the load.

  • Customized air distribution designs in order to match the air flow pattern requirements according with product /load arrangement.

  • Quick opening door system.

  • Heavy duty mechanism for load lifting and quenching.

  • Quench system specifically designed depending of product in order to provide excellent quenching results.

  • Design to comply with all AMS, ASTM related standards and CQI-9 with temperature tolerance capacity up to class 1 if necessary.


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In Nutec Bickley we are industrial furnace manufacturers, we provide a wide variety of models for metal industry: box furnaces, aluminium furnaces, bell furnaces, steel tempering furnaces, and more.