On the 1st quarter of 2017, Nutec Bickley got awarded with a contract to supply 5 shuttle kilns and 2 tunnel kilns to fire ceramic colors.


The kilns to be supplied on this project, will integrate all the latest technology developments such as:

  • IMPS® – Integrated Multi Zone Pulsing System.

  • Variable XsAir – A system which allows the user to vary the air / gas ratio at any given segment of the firing curve.

  • Jointless® Fiber System – The shuttle kilns will have this very innovative system which eliminates the joints that typical fiber module systems have.

  • Fiber Sandwich Construction System – The tunnel kilns will have a combination of brick, cordierite and fiber insulating materials, making this a very simple to install, durable and lightweight system.

  • Nutec Bickley’s Kilntelligence® SCADA system, which extracts information directly from the process and converts it into real-time / useful information to maintain process repeatability.

Both, the tunnel and shuttle kilns will be delivered with a full range of car handling equipment such as, transfer cars, car dollies and elevator turn table units.

All the kilns and car handling equipment will be ready for delivery before the year end.

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