For many years Nutec Bickley have been manufacturing kilns for different industries and different years have proved busy in different areas. We have often found that if kilns for Ceramics have been busy then kilns for the Metal Industries have been quiet and visa versa. 2017 is shaping up to be different and both the Ceramics division and the Metals division are both having record years.


In Ceramics, the traditional areas of Sanitaryware and Technical Ceramics have seen a steady order flow with tunnel , shuttle and Carbell projects currently under construction. There has also been success with some less traditional fields such as Ceramic High temperature pigments and Powders and kilns for the carbon reactivation process.
Certain markets have shown a slowdown this year, triggered by low steel production worldwide so Kilns for steel refractories have not been in such demand. The opening of the new Ceramic Fibre production unit in South Carolina allowed Nutec Bickley to manufacture another roller hearth kilnfor this specialized application on our kilns for ceramics.
Recent installations for Abrasives and Investment casting are now completed, demonstrating that Nutec Bickley really do supply kilns for all areas of the Ceramic Kilns Industry.


Kilns for all sectors of the Ceramic Industry