NUTEC BICKLEY is focused on understanding our Investment Casting customer’s thermal equipment needs and working to supply the best equipment to meet those needs at the most competitive price. By applying the latest proven technology, Nutec Bickley can provide innovative solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations in equipment quality, production efficiency, and operational economy.


Here are some of our ENGINEERED THERMAL SOLUTIONS offered:

  • Burnout Furnaces can be equipped with incinerators for pollution control.

  • Our IMPS® combustion and control system allows the highest temperature uniformity and the optimal fuel economy.

  • Our systems can integrate energy recovery system to improve energy consumption in the process.

  • Our insulation Jointless™ system offers optimal performance, less maintenance and longer life.

  • Our SCADA system offers friendly operation and product quality management.

  • We offer custom tray handling system to complement your production line.

Download our Investment Casting Brochure here!

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