Manufacturers of galvanizing lines usually encounter certain common challenges due to the small number of experts in this field, namely:

  • No one offers product quality assurance in manufacturing processes.

  • Problems with the quality of insulation installation.

  • Suppliers do not have a manufacturing facility with the necessary capacity, space and sufficiently trained personnel.

  • Overlong delivery times quoted by conventional manufacturing facilities, which are without the necessary knowledge of the critical routes of these projects.

In this short article we want to talk to you about our best practice approach and our particular experience in the manufacture of this type of equipment.

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Best practice approaches in the manufacture of galvanizing lines
Benefits of manufacturing your industrial furnaces with Nutec Bickley


Best practice approaches in the manufacture of galvanizing lines (engineering by customer)unnamed-1We adhere to the following guidelines to ensure the highest quality of service:

1. We separate the manufacture of the main structure (i.e. furnace casing) from the rest of the process

We follow the international manufacturing standards of the AWS (American Welding Society).

All our welding procedures, welders and welding inspectors are certified according to these standards.

2. Traceability on cladding/inner sheeting protection

We show the finished lines to the customer before shipping. We perform a stacking test on vertical CGLs, checking them one by one, and a projection for horizontal lines by assembling and aligning several casings (mostly depending on the furnace process sections).

When it comes to the cladding, we laser mark each individual piece in order to control all components – the ID number of each piece, type of material, etc. Sometimes we have different types of alloys, as well as a reference to the manufacturing drawing and the assembly drawing. Normally it is a long number but by doing it this way we avoid having to insert parts.

3. We manage the insulation installation in different sub-stages

We release each stage of the process by giving status and product quality reports to our customers, as follows:

  • Plotted
  • Anchored
  • Fiber installation
  • Cladding manufacturing and installation

4. Painting

We follow the international standards of the SSPC (Society for Protective Coatings) and we have a paint booth where we carry out this process in line with current regulations, plus a small facility dedicated exclusively to sandblasting/surface cleaning.

Benefits of manufacturing your industrial furnaces with Nutec Bickley

Some of the great advantages of developing your CGL furnace modules project with us include:

  • We are experts in the manufacture of these structures.

  • We have a great deal of experience in the manufacture of ceramic fiber insulation or refractory brick and we have our own specialized workshop for its installation.

  • Assured ceramic fiber supplies with products from Nutec Group’s own fiber division.

  • We have a thorough knowledge of these materials because we work with them in all our furnace/kiln projects for ceramics and metals. 

  • We have a number of case histories mapping our successful projects; these are easily shared when a client is searching for references.

  • Our personnel regularly work with schematic drawings of pipes, so are very well versed in the interpretation of drawings of mechanical assemblies and pipework.

  • We have a large capacity plant with the space and equipment necessary for the most demanding projects.

  • We have a substantial project administrative structure – including project managers, product quality inspectors and team supervisors – operating according to pre-agreed project timescales and with goal-based work systems.

  • We understand the critical path for this type of project thanks to our experience and background.

  • We can obtain excellent import materials not often seen in this market.

  • We have an 8,000m2 (86,000ft2) plant, equipped with traveling cranes that allow us to load pieces of up to 30,000kg (66,000lbs).

  • Our facility has sufficient height clearance to allow us to undertake stacking tests and to validate module alignment (for vertical style galvanizing lines).

  • For horizontal galvanizing lines we are able to project the horizontal furnace as our facility is 80m (260ft) long.

  • Our product quality department has trained personnel in defined process stages.

At Nutec Bickley we are experts in the manufacture of continuous galvanizing lines and we have the necessary insulation experience and the skilled team that will fully assist you. Get in touch with our advisors team and let’s discuss your next project.

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