Demonstrating once again that we are recognized all around the world for expertise, performance, reliability and value when it comes to firing ceramics, Nutec Bickley is in the process of comprehensively testing its latest kiln for the sector. As usual, all testing is taking place at our state-of-the-art facility in Monterrey and, once everyone is satisfied that all parameters are met, it will be shipped to a modern manufacturing facility east of Jakarta, Indonesia.

This contract called for a high performing shuttle kiln with an operational temperature of around 1,205°C (2,200°F). The kiln, which is just the latest in a number of orders for the same world-renowned sanitaryware manufacturer, is a nine-car, three-deck model with a setting height of 2.2m. There are a number of advantages with this particular design. The total weight of kiln furniture is reduced by 20% as compared with more traditional set-ups and the fuel usage can be significantly reduced. We find that the same number of pieces per kiln car can be fired as with previously used configurations, but the way we now execute these projects means that the capital cost of this type of shuttle kiln is reduced.

The kiln uses our proprietary IMPS® (integrated multi-zone pulsing system), the benefits of which are lower fuel consumption (25% to 30% less than competitors’ kilns) and great temperature uniformity. IMPS also offers a great deal of flexibility.

The shuttle kiln is fitted with our patented ceramic fiber Jointless insulation modules, which can withstand temperatures up to 1,350ºC (2,460°F), providing for minimal maintenance, improved fuel economy and extended service life. This is a one-piece system that eliminates the joints between modules and also the spaces which are typically located in the exhaust ports. It doesn’t need to be covered with cordierite which reduces fuel consumption.

This contract is further evidence that we are the go-to kiln manufacturer for the world’s ceramic sanitaryware industry. We work extremely closely with our customers, we understand all the important parameters, and our team can be relied upon to come up with state-of-the-art, bespoke solutions.

For all further information please contact:

Rodrigo González – VP Ceramics
+52 181 1050 8629