Fuel use has always been one of the most critical issues for companies seeking maximum cost effectiveness and efficient production.

Fortunately, there are substantial areas of opportunity in this regard which, if appropriately harnessed, can provide great results.

There are several tools that can help you optimize use of your energy resources. Learn more about them in this article.

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Nutec Bickley technologies designed to save energy resources
Nutec Bickley services aimed at better fuel use

Nutec Bickley technologies designed to save energy resources

We have various tools to optimize your fuel consumption.

Technologies for heat recovery in industrial furnaces

Recuperative burners

These harness the energy that is usually vented through the chimney and reuse it to preheat the combustion air, with temperatures of up to 750°C (1,380°F).

They are compatible with our IMPS® system and provide savings of up to 45%.

2.- Regenerative burners

These are one of the most efficient furnace heat recuperation methods, since they preheat the combustion air at temperatures of 900°C–1,000°C (1,650°F–1,830°F).

3.- Central recuperators for heating combustion air

These are installed in chimneys, where they indirectly preheat combustion air to temperatures up to 500°C (930°F).

This preheated air is injected into the furnace and can be used problem-free in the combustion processes.

Other technologies

Electronic control of the air/gas ratio

Periodic review of burner calibration is one of the simplest ways to reduce a furnace’s energy consumption and to ensure an optimized process. For this we configure the PLC with valves that automatically adjust according to the data obtained from in-process measurements so that your equipment works under optimal operating conditions.

5.- Industry 4.0

This is employed to perform remote monitoring and data analysis for applications such as:

  • Use of assets and information to prompt process improvements.

  • Optimization with ‘Digital Twin’ simulation technology to predict how a furnace will behave when adjusting operating parameters.

  • Smart energy consumption with software that calculates gas consumption at each process stage.

  • Remote monitoring and control to facilitate access to performance indicators.

  • Predictive/preventive maintenance to avoid unexpected stoppages and equipment failure.

Nutec Bickley services aimed at better fuel use

Some of our services to help you optimize gas consumption are as follows:

  • Energy audits: With a specific methodology to evaluate potential savings opportunities in accordance with ISO 50002: 2014.

  • Corrective and preventive maintenance service: We review the status of the existing instruments and assess whether they are preventing you from achieving the desired temperature/time cycles.

  • Computer simulation and laboratory testing (CFD): We determine the best location for your production and the optimal production set-up/assembly configuration.


At Nutec Bickley we are specialists in customized systems. Contact our expert consultants to learn more about all the solutions we have available for you.

Author: Dr. Alberto Cantú, VP Combustion, Control and Services

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