Nutec Bickley’s R&D laboratory is used not only for testing and simulation, but also to help develop new products and processes for our customers. We have both direct fired and indirect fired equipment that can control temperatures from 100°C to 1800°C.

Our Equipment Includes

Elevator Kiln


  • 1m3 industrial kiln with maximum operating temperature of 1800°C.

  • Multiple control systems (mass flow, pulse firing, proportional control).

  • Data acquisition software.





Shuttle Kiln/Car Bottom Furnace

  • 6m3 shuttle kiln/car bottom furnace with maximum operating temperature of 1300°C.

  • Multiple control systems (proportional control, fuel only).

  • Data acquisition software.



High Recirculation Oven

  • 6m3 High convection oven with maximum operating temperature of 600°C.

  • Multiple flow control mechanisms (side-side, side-up, down-up).

  • Data acquisition software.


Drop bottom furnace

  • 5m3 High convection drop bottom furnace with maximum operating temperature of 600°C.
  • Quench tank equipped with agitator for heat treating.
  • Data acquisition software.


Forging optimization times:


Aluminum heating times under different scenarios:



Integrated Multizone Pulsing System for better temperature uniformity


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