The existence of safety regulations helps to reduce the risk for operational and maintenance personnel in the event of possible explosions.

Although it is obvious that not all risks can be totally eliminated, there are certain standards that establish which things we need to review in order to significantly reduce risks.

Read below some details on the regulations that govern furnace operations in Mexico and the rest of the world.

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Industrial furnace regulations in Mexico
Industrial furnace regulations in the rest of the world
Benefits of following these safety regulations
How can Nutec Bickley help you conform to these standards?

Industrial furnace regulations in Mexico

NOM 001
A standard that covers many aspects of the industry in general, including safety.

NOM 027
Flame failure safety standard determining that those who operate combustion systems must have the appropriate apparatus, with defined specifications.

NOM 004
This is focused on the physical safety of personnel working in the industry. In Mexico there is no specific standard that exclusively covers furnace combustion systems.

In addition to these there are other standards but, due to their lack of specificity, at Nutec Bickley we prefer to base our approach on international standards, which are stricter and widely accepted in the Mexican industry.


Industrial furnace regulations in the rest of the world

This is the most accepted standard in Mexico and covers requirements for type A, B and C furnaces.

  • Type A furnaces: these heat products that release flammable vapors or gases, presenting the risk of explosion.

  • Type B furnaces: these do not contain volatile substances. They are the most common type of furnace on the market.

  • Type C furnaces: these have controlled atmospheres, where substances are introduced to achieve certain properties.

The standard regulates two important aspects:

a) Combustion: Mechanical devices that you must have, such as pressure regulators and safety valves.

b) Combustion Control: Outlining optimal electrical configurations in order that these devices can operate safely.

Canada – CSA B149.3
This standard regulates projects in Canada and is very similar to NFPA 86, but is stricter.

  • To apply this standard the components must have the ‘CSA Approved’ stamp.

  • In some cases the released product may have the stamp but eventually lose the certification.

  • By not then going through the recertification process, certification can be lost when inspections are carried out.


Europe – EN 746-2
The EU has the most advanced standards worldwide in the industry.

  • It is not enough to simply comply with EN 746-2, but it is necessary that the certifying agency delivers a ‘CE’ marking.

  • The company can self-certify, but the process is very complicated and wide-ranging, so it is preferable to achieve certification with the help of a specialized agency.

Benefits of following these safety regulations

In Mexico it is not mandatory to comply with NFPA 86, but by following it we ensure we validate the equipment as suitable and safe for operation.

It also helps us as a user to standardize around components and spare parts that are safe, thus providing the peace of mind of knowing that you are operating a team with a probability of risk as close as possible to zero.

How can Nutec Bickley help you conform to these standards?

  • We have extensive experience in projects in Canada, USA, Europe, Brazil, etc., so we have a deep knowledge of all these standards.

  • We have worked with teams from China and Korea with special standards.

  • We can advise you with our service covering audits, updates and equipment that you receive from abroad.

  • We consider safety as a top priority in all our designs.

  • If there is no particular standards reference, we always make sure we comply with NFPA 86 as a minimum.

  • We have a wide range of combustion systems with regulatory approval such as equipment employing pulsed or excess air techniques.

  • All these configurations comply with the regulations in force in the location where the equipment is installed.

  • We have furnaces that comply with state regulations in countries such as the USA.

At Nutec Bickley we are specialists in custom systems. Contact our expert consultants to learn more about all the solutions we have available for you.

Author: Ernesto Pérez

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