We know that a couple of a manufacturer’s main objectives are to optimize its operation and be a leader in its specialty.

There are various software tools that you can rely on to achieve this – programs used to:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Maximize process efficiency

Learn more in this article about these programs that we provide at your service.

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Software used to optimize your processes
Benefits of these tools for your operation

Software used to optimize your processes

Some tools that can prove to be very useful in this task are:

1.- CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software

  • CFD informs us about the temperatures and flows inside the furnace/kiln in order that we can easily identify hot, cold and high recirculation zones.

  • It is used to optimize the furnace/kiln design for a more efficient operation.

  • It allows you to test a number of variables – ways of loading the material, etc.

  • It solves the equations defining fluid flows in a given space.


2.- K10 software

This self-developed software helps us with a high precision calculation of the energy required for a process in different conditions, atmospheres, excess air levels, etc.

  • It calculates how much energy is lost via walls, ceiling, floor or furnace/kiln car. This ensures we can maintain external temperatures in line with safety regulations.

  • It provides energy consumption analysis for each completed cycle.

  • It advises on choosing the optimal size and capacity of your burners.

  • It provides a rapid check on whether the furnace/kiln is operating efficiently or requires any adjustment.

This is an online tool and is very easy to use. Contact one of our advisors so that we can give you access to it at no cost and without obligation.

In addition to these two key tools, we have various Apps that will:

  • Calculate heat losses in the furnace/kiln walls
  • Estimate the temperatures of furnace/kiln walls
  • Calculate the heating time of the pieces


Benefits of these tools for your operation

1.- Generate a model of your processes

  • Perform tests without having to experiment with real prototypes and the expense that this involves.

  • Create a model that converts physics into equations to obtain real results and evaluate the efficiency/feasibility of your hypotheses.


2.- Establish a benchmark

  • This way you can be aware of your recommended target production percentages.

  • It acts as a guide to compare the performance of your processes against what is typical in your industry.

  • Determine your degree of efficiency in terms of fuel costs, heating times, etc.


3.- Optimize your operation

Run and analyze various scenarios to find out:

  • How long it will take to heat the product to a certain temperature
  • What is the best way to do this

Design new optimized processes with this software to achieve:

  • A better process curve to heat up faster, minimizing the temperature differential in the parts
  • A heating operation with greater uniformity
  • An optimal arrangement of the pieces in your industrial furnaces and industrial kilns

At Nutec Bickley we are experts in implementing solutions for the most common problems occurring in the industry. Come and ask us to quote for a complete solution that helps you make the most of your resources at the same time as optimizing your production.

Author: Alberto Cantú, VP Combustion, Controls and Services

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