When we are seeking out a spare part, we may not know what certain items are for or if they are being used correctly, so it is vital to have the advice of an expert who can assist in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Knowledge about equivalent parts that replace obsolete models.

  • When you need a part that has long delivery times, you can find advice on temporary or equivalent solutions, and the adjustments you need to make in order to use the replacement part without affecting your operation.

  • Support in understanding if you are looking for the right part, or if there is a better one.

At Nutec Bickley we assist our clients to choose the best spare part according to their current requirements. Discover below how we can help you and the associated benefits.

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Spare parts that you can source through Nutec Bickley
Benefits of having expert support
How can Nutec Bickley help you?

Spare parts that you can source through Nutec Bickley

We have all kinds of parts and components for your combustion systems:

  • Fives North American (FNA): we are FNA representatives and exclusive distributors nationwide in Mexico. There is a wide variety of valves, burners, fans, regulators, panels, limiting orifice valves and more.

  • Dungs: economically priced brand with excellent single/double valves, flame detector relays, pressure switches, etc.

  • Kromschröder: a variety of flame failure relays, solenoid valves, shut-off valves, etc.

  • Siemens: actuator motors, flame failure relays, sensors, butterfly valves with actuator, flame detectors (Photocell), etc.

  • Fisher: pressure regulators, control valves, relief valves, etc.

  • ASCO: solenoid valves.

  • Honeywell: gas valves, fuel systems, ignition transformers etc.

  • Delta Elektrogas: butterfly valves, solenoid actuators, etc.

  • Hauck: high quality burners.

  • Eclipse: burner package.

  • Maxon: burners and shut-off valves.

Benefits of having expert support

Some of the great advantages of being advised by a specialist are:

  • Appropriate equipment selection.

  • Avoidance of unnecessary spending buying incorrect parts.

  • Optimized operation, resulting from working with the most suitable parts.

  • Find spare part replacements without any problem.

  • Avoid wasting time searching for obsolete parts.

  • Problems in the plant quickly solved.

  • Variety of options by having various brands of spare parts available.

  • Ascertain the corresponding standards to European, Asian, etc. standards.

  • Shorter lead times when getting parts from foreign manufacturers.

How can Nutec Bickley help you?

We will advise you in choosing your spare parts to operate optimally, via our team of specialized sales engineers in the following areas:

  • We recommend equivalent/substitute parts in the case of foreign equipment or when a certain part is obsolete, when you have an immediate need but are facing very long delivery times.

  • Replacement of parts under guarantee.

  • We take care of your spare parts guarantee locally.

  • We provide remote and/or face-to-face support.

  • We carry stock to support our clients in emergencies.

  • We deliver the product to your plant without shipping cost.

  • We advise on the installation of your parts.

  • We offer an installation service.

At Nutec Bickley we are specialists in industrial furnaces and their various components. Contact our expert consultants to learn more about all the solutions we have available for you.

Authors: Luis García / Isaac Silva / Hilario Zavala

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