Nutec Bickley's response to COVID-19

Since mid-March 2020, in line with the recent contingency plan for COVID-19 at Grupo Nutec and Nutec Bickley, we have put in place various protective measures with the aim of preventing our staff and business partners (customers and suppliers) from being affected by this disease.

These measures came into effect at the time and will remain in force until further notice. They include:

  • 1. Remote working for all positions, where that is possible.
  • 2. Travel restricted to the minimum necessary, without adversely affecting our customers.
  • 3. Visits to our plants restricted to the absolute minimum.
  • 4. Adherence to all hygiene measures ordered by the authorities.
  • 5. Constant communication with our workers and business partners about news relating to COVID-19, how it affects the company, and the measures we are taking.
  • 6. Sanitizing tunnels for company personnel when entering our facilities, in addition to the introduction of other measures inside, namely:
    • Use of face masks
    • Social distancing, with physical barriers in place
    • Use of antibacterial gel
    • Handwashing
  • 7. A group of employees operating as facilitators was set up in order to ensure that we all comply with the infection prevention rules.
  • 8. We undertook the procedure instigated by the Office of Economic Affairs to establish that we are an essential company, so our operation is permitted to continue regardless of the current color status of the government’s ‘traffic light’ monitoring system.
Message from our CEO