Mining Company


A company involved in mining, specialized in the extraction of silica sand, asked for our help in modifying previously purchased combustion equipment.

When visiting the customer’s facilities to collect the necessary information, we observed that production downtime and the constant degradation of ceramic fiber due to gas leaks and high temperatures could be eliminated by installing a new combustion chamber.

The company was looking for key improvements in its operation, such as reducing temperatures in the combustion chamber, optimizing gas flow, fuel savings and reducing stoppages for repairs.

Our solution

Nutec Bickley proposed to the client as a solution the integration of a hot gas generator with a 3/8-inch (9.53mm) carbon steel plate, 6-inch (150mm) internal insulation of refractory brick mounted on a structural base for handling as a single piece, preassembled with the combustion equipment.

Equipment tests were carried out in our facility prior to installation, considerably reducing downtime at the client’s plant. A maximum stoppage period of three days was considered for the equipment assembly and eight days to train staff in its use.

Benefits and results

Our client was able to observe the following improvements thanks to the solution we offered...

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