FINKL STEEL –Sorel, formerly Sorel Forge part of the forge group FINKL STEEL along with formers A. Finkl and sons and Composite Forge – has been benefiting over the past three years from the installation of a state-of-the-art, gas-fired car bottom Heat Treating batch furnace designed and manufactured by Nutec Bickley. The installation is at their St-Joseph-de-Sorel´s facility, Québec, Canada, the largest production open die forgings of this kind in that country.

The furnace is used in the manufacture of large carbon steel forgings up to a weight of 27,000kg (59,000lb) with a maximum in-furnace load capacity of 110 tons. Normal operating temperature range is 510°C-1010°C (950°F-1850°F), with a maximum temperature of 1090°C (2000°F).

Interior dimensions of this large furnace are 8.97m (29ft 5in) long by 3.28m (10ft 9in) wide by 3m (10ft) high. It is a highly flexible heat treatment system, suitable for processes such as normalizing, austenitizing for quenching, annealing, tempering etc.

“FINKL STEEL-Sorel has invested in a strong modernization program and we are extremely pleased to have been chosen to be part of that process,” commented Arturo Arechavaleta, VP Metal Furnaces at Nutec Bickley. “FINKL STEEL-Sorel's prehardened mold steel is recognized worldwide for its uniform hardness and stable microstructure and our advanced furnace technology plays an important part in the process. The furnace has been working to specification since 2015 and I am very glad to say that its performance and reliability have resulted in an order for a further unit that will shortly be delivered to the customer.”

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