Staying At The Cutting Edge Of SanitaryWare Firing


Nutec Bickley has continued to consolidate its leading position in the arena of ceramic kilns with the successful completion of a prestigious contract for a world-renowned sanitaryware manufacturer with factories across the globe.

This led to three separate projects across two sites and involved the design, manufacture and installation of two tunnel kilns and three shuttle kilns. As is standard with Nutec Bickley, the kilns were preassembled (complete for shuttles, in modules for tunnels) and also fully tested at the company’s Monterrey headquarters in Mexico, before transportation, installation and commissioning.

Rodrigo González, Vice President – Ceramics, commented: “We have once again proved – with our advanced designs, attention to detail, high performance and reliability – that we are the go-to kiln manufacturer for the world’s ceramic sanitaryware industry. We don’t push people down any predetermined design route; we work extremely closely with our customers, we understand all the important parameters, and our team comes up with state-of-the-art, bespoke solutions. It’s the main reason for our continuing success.”


The development of shuttle kilns for this customer has been an evolutionary process, with Nutec Bickley having already supplied to a different design some years ago. In the latest installations, the company was able to demonstrate that a new configuration could achieve at least what previous kilns had done, but at a reduced cost with enhanced temperature and pressure control.

It is an ROI and performance success. The new design features a three-deck (rather than four-deck) configuration, with a setting area of 9 m², and as a result the total weight of the kiln furniture is reduced by 20% and the fuel usage is reduced by 7%. Furthermore, the same amount of pieces per kiln car can be fired as with existing kilns, with a useful loading volume per car of around 17 m³. The capital cost of these shuttle kilns is also reduced...

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