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Nutec Bickley provides industrial Steel Tempering furnace in custom designs and dimensions to match customer production and process requirements.

Nutec Bickley supplies tunnel kilns and shuttle kilns for the Electroporcelain industry with the latest technology in combustion and controls to fire electrical insulators under both oxidizing and reducing atmosphere conditions.



  • Volume Flow System for the best temperature and atmosphere control.
  • Excellent Temperature Uniformity
  • Power Failure Protection System
  • Our kilns are lined with Nutec Bickley's Jointless Fiber System
  • Energy recovery systems to ensure the lowest fuel consumption
  • SCADA systems for ease of operation and product quality management.
  • Integrated Car Handling Systems

Download our brochure of Kilns for all sectors of the Ceramic Industry

We design and manufacture kilns for the ceramic industry using leading technology and best practice.