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The highly-qualified engineers at NUTEC BICKLEY serve clients through the design, building and installation of combustion systems, thermal insulation and complete industrial furnaces and kilns.

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Here you will find all the answers to your industrial heating and firing processing needs. Take a tour through all our industrial services and remember we are here to help you find the best available option for your business.


Engineered Thermal Solutions

Why we can meet Investment Casting customer’s expectations
April 25, 2017

NUTEC BICKLEY is focused on understanding our Investment Casting customer’s thermal equipment needs and working to supply the best equipment to meet those needs at the most competitive price. By applying the latest proven technology, Nutec Bickley can provide innovative solutions that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations in equipment quality, production efficiency, and operational […]

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Product Showcase: Tunnel Kilns

Tunnel kilns become the most efficient and consistent firing method when required volumes become large and consistent. They have become significantly more flexible in recent years with intelligent controls but they still demand higher production capacities. This means different quantities for different products but a normal size for Sanitaryware would be 80-120m long and 3.5m […]

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