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The highly-qualified engineers at NUTEC BICKLEY serve clients through the design, building and installation of combustion systems, thermal insulation and complete industrial furnaces and kilns.

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Here you will find all the answers to your industrial heating and firing processing needs. Take a tour through all our industrial services and remember we are here to help you find the best available option for your business.


Engineered Thermal Solutions

Success Stories: Car Bottom Heat Treating Furnace
May 19, 2017

NUTEC BICKLEY delivered a Heat-Treating Car Bottom Furnace to a global forging company for one of their North American facility. The furnace inside dimensions are 30ft L x 11ftW x 10ftH with a capacity of 110 Tons. The temperature operating range is 950˚F to 1850˚F with a temperature uniformity requirement of ±15˚F≤1250˚F and ±25˚F>1250˚F. The […]

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Aluminum Quenching Interesting Facts
May 17, 2017

The aluminum heat treatment industry has a great variety of products and processes designed to enhance the material’s physical properties. Quenching is a process that involves cooling the workpiece at a rapid rate to increase its hardness. Quenching with air results in a mostly uniform, but slow, process. The long cooling times affect the workpiece’s […]

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