Nutec Bickley Acquires Olson Industries

Nutec Bickley (Monterrey, Mexico), the international leader in the design and manufacture of innovative and efficient industrial furnaces, ovens, ceramic kilns, and combustion systems, has announced the key asset acquisition of Olson Industries (Burgettstown, PA, USA).

This major move will see Nutec Bickley complement its existing product range to offer more complete packages for the steel, aluminum, and alloy industries. As with the previous acquisitions of Bickley, GFC Kilns, and Dragon Kilns in the company’s Ceramics Business Unit, bringing the Olson Industries’ line of equipment on board will enable the Metals Business Unit to consolidate its position in the North American market and, at the same time, secure access to larger projects.

To consolidate the acquisition and to maintain good strands of continuity, it has also been announced that, as part of the transaction, Bryan Kraus (President and Owner of Olson Industries) will be engaged in Nutec Bickley’s Metals BU, providing guidance and assistance in related activities such as technical sales and engineering.

Olson has been supplying industrial furnace and process heat-treating equipment to manufacturers throughout the world since 1945, and enjoys a strong reputation for engineering and combustion design. “We are very excited about Olson Industries and Bryan Kraus joining the Nutec Bickley family,” said Nutec Bickley President, Daniel Llaguno. “Olson’s name and proven technology for the forging and heat treating of steel and alloys will perfectly complement our current range of products. We aim to make great strides as a result of this acquisition.”

Olson’s breadth of expertise encompasses everything from car bottoms, box, rotary hearth, steckel and roller hearth furnaces, in applications such as forging, heat treating, continuous reheating, hot dip galvanizing, recirculation, and preheating. Great success has been achieved in major user industries such as steel, heat treatment, aerospace, automotive, and oil and gas.

“Applications such as large rotary-hearth furnaces, and peripheral equipment such as quenching systems, manipulators, robots, and conveyors will now be a standard offering from us,” confirmed Daniel Llaguno. “If you couple that with Nutec Bickley’s state-of-the-art facilities, highly experienced staff, and constant focus on customer satisfaction, you can see that there is indeed a very powerful value proposition on offer to both existing and new customers.”


For further information or comment on this media release, please contact:

Arturo Arechavaleta – VP, Metals BU, Nutec Bickley

Tel: +1 855 299 9566

-Rotary Furnace Discharge and Material Handling

– Automated Quench System with product rotation during quenching

– Horizontal Differential Hardening & product rotation during heating


-Automated Discharge & oil quenching

– Steckel Furnace for rolling mill

-Spray Quenching Equipment

-Car Bottom over 1000 supplied

-60’-0 Rotary Furnace & loading machines

-Inside Rotary Hearth Deck 19’-0 wide

-Automation Overview

-Heat treating and Quenching System

-Product being submerged into quench

-Electrical resistance heating Rotary hearth with loading machine for Aerospace Industry

-Heat treating furnaces and Material handling for oil & gas industry

-All material handling design included

-Walking Beam with external quench system and reheating to deliver Titanium bars to


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