We design and manufacture using leading technology and best practice.

We achieve this by utilizing a quality system that assures the continuous improvement of our Kilns.


Control & data acquisition systems

Nutec Bickley’s broad control systems design experience permits exactly the appropriate level of control sophistication required to meet our customer’s needs.

Heat recovery systems View

Energy recovery systems

Nowadays, with fuel costs constantly increasing, Nutec Bickley is seriously committed with our customers to improve production rates and efficiencies in our kilns, by minimizing fuel usage and providing the latest proven technology in heat recovery systems.


ISO-JET® GIII Combustion Systems

The Nutec Bickley ISO-JET® Generation Ill burner is a self-contained, gas or oil fired high performance burner, combining a stoichiometric operating nozzle and combustion chamber, together with a four-port Diffusion Air Block in one integrated assembly.


Insulation Systems

Nutec Bickley’s reputation as world leader in insulation systems is well deserved.


Integrated Multizone Pulsing System (IMPS)

IMPS® stands for Nutec Bickley’s unique firing and cooling pulsing control system.

Material handling View

Kiln Car and Material Handling

Nutec Bickley provides a heavy duty automated systems for loading, unloading and transferring loads during heat treatment operation.

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