Air Dryers

Nutec Bickley designs Air Dryers for various processes and applications with capacities ranging from 0.5 MMBTU/hr to 300 MMBTU/hr.

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Air Dryers Air Dryers

Air Dryers

Nutec Bickley has full capability to offer complete control and instrumentation system to suit each customer’s requirement – from simple to very advanced and sophisticated controls. Temperature control loops, fuel ratio control loops, instrumentation for over temperature by stand alone instruments or PLC based SCADA software control systems are offered.


  • High efficiency combustion blower.
  • High velocity gas burner in order to improve convection heat transfer.
  • Control panel with PID or PLC.
  • Generator of Hot air from 50°c to 400°C.
  • Steel structure for support.
Air dryer

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