Ladle Preheaters

Nutec Bickley Ladle Preheaters are installed to promote a recirculation of gases increasing the convection heat transfer into the refractory lining of the pot decreasing heating times and increasing the uniformity of temperature of the refractory.

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Ladle Preheaters Ladle Preheaters Ladle Preheaters

Ladle Preheaters

The top of these preheaters have the versatility to be made of ceramic fiber modules, or refractory concrete to reduce heat loss to a minimum.

Nutec Bickley provides both configurations: vertical and horizontal ladle preheaters depending on the requirements of the steel plant.

Nutec Bickley has the ability to offer complete control and instrumentation solutions to suit the needs of each client, from as simple as a digital controller to the more sophisticated control including PLC, SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and Panel.


  • High efficiency combustion blower.
  • Control panel with PID or PLC option.
  • Electromechanic or hydraulic mechanism.
  • Ladle insulation using ceramic fiber or refractory concrete.
  • High velocity gas burner in order to improve convection heat transfer.
  • Ladle Thermal uniformity
Ladle Preheaters

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