Car Bottom Furnaces

Nutec Bickley provides Car Bottom Furnaces & Ovens in custom designs and dimensions to match customer production and process requirements.

The Car Bottom Furnaces design offers a great advantage which is the ability to handle large / heavy loads, as the product is loaded onto the car(s) when located outside the actual furnace area; this eliminates the damage to the furnace interiors during loading and unloading.

Nutec Bickley car bottom furnaces and ovens are provided for temperature ranges from 300ºF to 2,450ºF to perform the following process applications:

Car Bottom Furnaces
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Car Bottom Furnaces And Ovens

Nutec Bickley provides heavy duty Car bottom furnaces in custom dimensions and loads capacity up to 150 Metric ton and more, with the following:

Car Bottom Furnaces And Ovens
  • Temperatures up to 2460 F (1350 C).
  • Heavy duty stable steel frame and refractory construction.
  • Fiber lined sections using the patented “jointless system” with special design to compensate the fiber shrinkage reducing the maintenance considerably.
  • Design to comply with AMS 2750E, with temperature tolerance capacity up to class 1 if necessary.
Car Bottom Furnaces And Ovens
  • Most advanced heat recovery system saving FROM 10 to 70% energy vs cold air system.
  • Pulse firing combustion systems.
  • Heavy duty car refractory designs with high Thermal shock resistanse capacity.
  • Tight seal designs are available allowing excelleent pressure control to optimize the use of regenerative burners.

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