Galvanized Kettles

Nutec Bickley provides Galvanized Kettles equipped with a high velocity burner and ceramic fiber lining, pre-assembled and carefully tested at our facilities, ready for transportation and/or installation on-site.

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Galvanized Kettles Galvanized Kettles Galvanized Kettles

Galvanized Kettles

Nutec Bickley has full capability to offer complete control and instrumentation system to suit each customer’s requirement – from simple to very advanced and sophisticated controls. Temperature control loops, fuel ratio control loops, instrumentation for over temperature by stand-alone instruments or PLC based SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) software control systems are offered.


  • High density ceramic fiber insulation.
  • Kettle long life.
  • Control panel with PID or PLC.
  • High velocity gas burner in order to improve convection heat transfer.
  • Automatic flue gas damper.
  • Compliance with the NFPA-86 norm 2011 ed.
Galvanized Kettles

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