Our highly-qualified engineers serve clients through the design, building and installation of combustion systems, thermal insulation and complete industrial furnaces and kilns.

Ceramic Kilns

Industrial kilns with the best performance for firing refractories, technical ceramics, sanitaryware, electrical insulators, clay pipe and abrasives.

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Metal Furnaces and Ovens

Industrial Furnaces with the best technology in insulation systems, combustion equipment, instrumentation & controls, and heat recovery systems.

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Combustion, controls and services

The best solutions to improve process efficiency, safety standards and to reduce the levels of fuel consumption and pollution.

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Fabrication and Installation Services

Nutec Bickley offers subcontract work for companies looking for manufacturing or installing Heat Treating related equipment.

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Spare Parts

We provide the highest quality spare parts in combustion and control areas. Spare parts are available for virtually any application and existing equipment.

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Our retrofits and preventive maintenance packages will help you keep the kiln running as it was left during the original commissioning process.

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Discover our services and capabilities with this video Take a tour through all our industrial services and remember we are here to help you find the best available option for your business.

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