The arrangement of burners inside a kiln is a key factor in obtaining the best possible temperature uniformity.

This uniformity is especially critical in the ceramic industry, as otherwise products can be damaged or have quality flaws.

Below, we will talk about the types of firing line configuration and their various applications.

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Types of firing line configurations
Benefits of optimum firing line configuration


Types of firing line configurations

The ideal burner arrangement will depend on the type of kiln and the product process, for which there are three main configurations:

1. Above and below load

Over & Under

  • The burners are positioned above and below the load.

  • This offers great versatility in terms of design.

  • Better temperature uniformity and load coverage.

Considerations when choosing this configuration:

  • For this to work, it is necessary to both lift the load and to leave a channel so that the burner lines are free.

  • It is not recommended for very high loads because this makes it difficult for the heat to reach the centre.


2. Vertical Firing line

Fire Lanes

  • The burners are arranged vertically between the ware packs.

  • Ideal for very high loads.

  • Recommended when the product load is very heavy and needs to be moved with the help of a car.

Considerations when choosing this configuration:

  • It is not possible to load product in the area where the burners are situated.

  • Sometimes it is necessary to complement this configuration with a burner below the load to promote temperature uniformity, which entails raising the load.

3. Tangential


  • The burners are strategically positioned to surround the load and help the circulation of gases.

  • Ideal for smaller kilns – such as Carbell and Elevator – and those with high temperatures.

Considerations when choosing this configuration:

  • In this type of configuration the gases must be extracted from the bottom of the kiln so as not to affect the temperature uniformity, and this can increase the investment cost.

Benefits of optimum firing line configuration

Some of the great advantages of proper positioning of your burners are:

  • Better temperature uniformity

  • Higher product quality

  • Optimized heat transfer

  • Greater processing efficiency

  • In particular, above and below and tangential configurations provide great flexibility in how the product will be loaded in the kiln.


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Author: José Pablo Sánchez

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