Over the past years, much have been said about specific fuel consumption on tunnel kilns in sanitaryware plants.


A lot of information can be found in trade magazines, advertising and social media about this important topic. However, in real life, very few kilns out there can do this.

While looking at the fuel usage variable, it is very important to decipher what led us to a low fuel consumption figure.

Kiln design, low mass furniture and heat recovery are among the variables to consider while trying to reduce energy usage on a kiln.

Earlier this year, Nutec Bickley commissioned a tunnel kiln to fire ceramics sanitaryware where the specific fuel consumption was below the 1,000 Kcal/kg of product.

The kiln incorporated several unique design features, such as IMPS® and internal recovery, in order to achieve the required target.

The kiln uses traditional furniture, by using low mass kiln furniture, the fuel consumption in the kiln can be even lower!

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