The gas used in industrial kilns and furnaces presents a potential danger risk when large amounts accumulate in the air, as this can trigger a violent explosion.

Due to this fact, gas leaks are a serious risk factor that we need to address during the thermal treatment of both metals and ceramics.

In this article we want to bring to your attention a number of factors that you need to closely monitor when operating your kilns or furnaces.

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What equipment reviews are necessary to avoid the risks of danger and explosions?
Nutec Bickley kilns and furnaces comply with the strictest safety standards

What equipment reviews are necessary to avoid the risks of danger and explosions?

When gas enters the burners, there is a risk that instead of being burned, it can accumulate in dangerous areas – so, there are certain aspects that need to be taken into account to avoid accidents:

Safety shutoff valve

  • Make sure you use only the correct type of valve.

  • Conduct tests to confirm that it closes properly.

  • Make sure that burners cannot be lit in the event of the valve not being closed.

Flame detector

This is a specialized detector that automatically cuts off the gas supply in the event that the flame needed to burn the fuel remains undetected.


Before opening the gas and proceeding to ignition, it is necessary to purge the
kiln or furnace with a semi-inert element such as air, so that the operators can ensure the elimination of any traces of accumulated gas.

Air pressure switch

This ensures the availability of air to the combustion process – in the absence of which the gas valve must be immediately closed.

Gas pressure switch

This lets us know if the gas pressure is at an adequate level for the correct functioning of the equipment and helps avoid damage or leaks.

Nutec Bickley kilns and furnaces comply with the strictest safety standards

Over the years, regulations have been developed that regulate the design, installation and manufacture of all types of industrial equipment involving the use of gas.

Our industrial kilns comply with all worldwide safety recommendations, standards and regulations, most notably these:

  • NFPA-86 Standard for Ovens and Furnaces (recognized internationally)

  • CSA B149.3-15 Code for the field approval of fuel-related components on appliances and equipment (Canada)

  • EN746-2 Safety requirements for combustion and fuel handling systems (Europe)

We are members of the IHEA (Industrial Heating Equipment Association), an organization that continuously participates in the development of improvements in safety and regulatory standards.

Compliance with these standards allows our customers to avoid explosion risks and danger risks to personnel and equipment, resulting in an operation that is as safe as it is efficient.

At Nutec Bickley we are industrial furnaces manufactuers and experts in industrial safety, so we make sure our kilns and furnaces are, at the very least, fully compliant with all current regulations. Ask our advisors to review your needs and let’s work with you to develop your next project.

Author: Alberto Cantú

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