One of the main distinguishing features of our kilns is the Jointless™ ceramic fiber insulation system, which has clearly been shown to provide a longer useful life in industrial kilns and to reduce the risks of contamination when used together with our Macro Modules.

In this article we will discuss our Jointless system, its component parts and the areas where it can help to solve things if you currently have problems in your ceramic kilns, or if you need to learn about the next step towards operating with greater efficiency.

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The problem with conventional insulation used in this industry
The Jointless™ solution with Nutec Macro Modules
Macro Modules
Advantages of our Jointless™ solution with Nutec Macro Modules
Nutec Bickley – your No. 1 choice

The problem with conventional insulation used in this industry

Industrial kilns rely on insulation in order to prevent heat loss during production processes, since this leads to significant waste gas and possible risks to the workforce.

Currently used insulation systems manage to successfully eliminate these problems; however, they bring with them significant drawbacks.

At the moment, kilns are usually insulated with ceramic fiber blanket, in the following way:


Ceramic fiber modules are installed side by side on the kiln wall, anchored to it until the entirety of the kiln interior is covered.

However, when ceramic fiber reaches temperatures in excess of 1000°C (1830°F) it starts to shrink, allowing heat to escape through spaces that form between the contracted fiber modules.

There is also an additional problem with these traditional insulating systems – it being necessary to incorporate a gas vent into the kiln roof, this is protected with similar fiber modules; these can end up shrinking and allowing heat to escape, risking the creation of metal contamination.

The Jointless™ solution with Nutec Macro Modules

At Nutec Bickley we have broad experience in the manufacture of kilns for ceramics (such as sanitaryware), and so recognizing the drawbacks mentioned above we decided to develop our ceramic Macro Modules and the Jointless™ system.

Macro Modules

These monolithic ceramic modules are designed to completely cover a kiln wall, door or roof. Being constructed from a single piece with an integral form means that we can eliminate the problem-causing gaps that one gets with traditional ceramic fiber modules.

One of the major advantages offered by Nutec is that, having our own ceramic fiber production unit, we can custom produce these modules in the shape and size required by each individual client.


Our Macro Modules enable gas vents to be incorporated into a single-piece structure, thereby eliminating the joints and cover plates commonly found in conventional kiln roofs.

In this way, we succeed in eliminating the risk of steel contamination and also loss of useful heat encountered in systems where there are joints between modules.

Advantages of our Jointless™ solution with Nutec Macro Modules

Outlined below are some of the benefits of our system to your everyday operation:

  • Elimination of the gaps found between conventional fiber modules.

  • Eliminates the need to constantly replace gas vent cover plates.

  • It avoids damage to the Macro Module caused by cover plate changes.

  • Better anchoring across the whole module area, leading to a long operational life.

  • Reduced need for maintenance; no replacement modules required and no contamination.

  • These are mainly specialized systems for ceramic firing, but they also prove effective in other industries and we install them in most of our kilns.

Nutec Bickley – your No. 1 choice

  • This proprietary Nutec Bickley system stands as one of our innovative solutions designed to help solve the most important problems facing the industry.

  • We bring wide experience in the design of ceramic fiber systems and so we have an in-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements.

  • The systems we have installed at clients’ factories have operated perfectly for more than 20 years.

We are experts in the implementation of effective solutions for the most common problems encountered in kiln operations right across the industry. Our know-how, our satisfied customers and our industry-recognized solutions are all testament to this.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in order that we can take a look at your project requirements; you can be sure of the ideal solution to help you achieve efficient, fully connected and highly cost-effective production.

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