Nutec Bickley celebrated its 30th anniversary on 14 June 2020, recalling that date in 1990 when Nutec Industrial (later to become Nutec Bickley) was established in Monterrey, Mexico, expressly for the construction of furnaces, kilns and combustion systems. Of course, parent company Nutec Group marked 45 years in business earlier this year.

Little did the team know then that the company would evolve into not only the country’s most important manufacturer in this field, but a respected innovator and supplier across world markets and a recognized technology pacesetter.

With acquisitions along the way – Bickley, GFC, Dragon Kilns and Olson – the company has been able to tap into a wider knowledge base and design a range of furnaces and kilns that meet the most demanding requirements of international leaders in aluminum, forging, ferrous casting, ceramics, refractories and abrasives, among other industries. Everyone in the organization has worked hard towards a gold standard goal, to establish a solid reputation around the world for quality, reliability, tailored solutions, rigorous testing and the closest possible customer relationships.

As Nutec Group CEO, Genaro Francisco Cueva, says: “Our people have been absolutely key to our success over these productive decades and many have been with us for over 20 years. Our current executive management and business unit leaders, for instance, started their careers with Nutec Bickley in quite different positions and worked their way up to achieve the senior posts they hold today.

“Their achievements, of which they are rightly proud, reflect the ethos that we have as an organization. It has always been our aim to look after all of our staff, to provide training and support wherever it is needed, to encourage and nurture careers in this industry, and to ensure we all benefit from the mutual respect that is a central plank underpinning the Nutec Bickley family.”