From the early days of the department around 1990 we started engineering our furnaces with cutting-edge tools such as CAD (2D computer-aided design) and then, in the year 2000, evolved to use 3D software tools.

In the last 20 years we have gradually perfected our 3D models. This short article tells you a little bit more.

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Innovation in 3D modeling
Our Product Data Management (PDM) Network
Software with which we work

Innovation in 3D modeling

Initially we only modeled steel structures, some simple mechanisms, and pipes but currently we model almost 100% of the project, including electrical routing, pipework, sensors and pipe supports.

By including more and more detail in our models, these become increasingly complex and so require specialized computer equipment, for which we have dedicated workstations that handle these assemblies without any problem.

As an engineering department, the development time for modeling and manufacturing drawings is one of the most important points affecting the critical path of any project, so we continually work on developing new ways to reduce our delivery times.

For this reason, our 3D models incorporate some standardization in the modeling strategy; this makes it easier for anyone in the team – and not just the person who initially created the model – to make modifications. In this way, models can be effectively picked up and used in future projects.

Our Product Data Management (PDM) Network

Finally, for optimal control of the administrative aspect of all the files that are generated during the engineering process at Nutec Bickley, we have a PDM (Product Data Management) network, in which we keep all project engineering data. This enables us to make these files available as a reference for consultation, either in our offices or with staff working in the field.

By having a PDM system we ensure that the information displayed is the latest version, in order to avoid uncontrolled engineering design repetition, in addition to having workflows for approval.

Having all these records also helps us to have engineering department performance indicators readily to hand.

Software with which we work

Some of the technologies we use in our projects are the following:


  • Tool for 3D modeling with which we have worked for over a decade
  • For mechanical manufacturing drawings
  • We have simulation licenses to perform tests with our models and optimize them


  • Employed for creating intelligent electrical diagrams
  • For electric furnace design (electrical and control diagrams etc)
  • Generates PDFs with links leading the user through diagrams, cable numbering, etc

Process control records

  • These files document the critical points in the design based on experience and feedback from other projects
  • They allow us to avoid mistakes and to achieve continuous improvement in our projects


At Nutec Bickley we have modeling experts and employ the latest industrial design technologies to ensure our systems lead the line in innovation. Contact one of our consultants and tell us about your next project and all its engineering design requirements.

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