Mexico’s natural gas import demand is at a substantial level and relies on the USA being able to provide us with this resource. As Texas is one of the main producers of natural gas, an interruption in its production and distribution capacity would affect all of Mexico.

As we can see, we are increasingly exposed to extreme weather events, as we witnessed during the month of February 2021, when frosts interrupted the gas supply for power plants in part of Mexico and the USA.

Industrial furnaces are designed to operate with a specific fuel, which in some cases is natural gas. This makes it difficult for those who have these systems to operate with any other energy source.

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1.- Stock an alternative fuel supply – LP gas
2.- Use dual-fuel burners

Alternatives to operate your furnaces in the face of a natural gas shortage

There are two options to prepare for this possible problem, in order to continue operating normally and to prevent operational stoppages:

1.- Stock an alternative fuel supply – LP gas

LP gas is transported in tanks that are filled according to the needs and demand of the user.

You can prepare your furnaces and adapt them to operate with LP gas. This is accomplished by performing a bypass, a few simple connections, and various adjustments.

How we can help you: fortunately this option does not require a considerable investment and Nutec Bickley can help you prepare your furnaces as required.

2.- Use dual-fuel burners

The other alternative is to use a dual-fuel burner that can burn gas and liquid or diesel fuel.

For those who have dual-fuel burners but who have not used diesel for a long time, we advise them to check their equipment and carry out tests to confirm that they operate well in this energy mode.

In the case of a new plant, we advise designing the facility taking dual-fuel burners into consideration from the outset (there’s no great difference in cost).

How we can help you: we supply Fives North American dual-fuel burners. We also carry the corresponding spare parts. We help you start them up, carry out leak tests and more.

At Nutec Bickley we are experts in implementing solutions for the most common problems occurring in the industry. Come and ask us to quote for a complete solution that helps you make the most of your resources at the same time as optimizing your production.

Author: Alberto Cantú, VP Combustion, Controls and Services

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