Heat treating kilns and processes usually require very tight temperature uniformities which depend highly on industrial furnaces design and control algorithms.

At Nutec Bickley we use ANSYS OpenFoam, one of the most advanced tools in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), to optimize furnace geometry, quantity of burners, burner location, exhaust location etc.

During furnace commissioning, thermography and flue gases analysis are commonly done to make sure furnace operation is within the highest standards of energy consumption.


Thermography images are a great tool to identify zones where sealing is inefficient and heat losses are higher than normal. In addition flue gases analysis is used to optimize the combustion processes and make sure emissions are within the standard. Also oxygen levels within the furnace are monitored so that any air infiltration to the furnace is avoided.


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In Nutec Bickley we are industrial furnace manufacturers, we provide a wide variety of models for metal industry: box furnaces, rotary hearth furnaces, roller hearth furnaces, walking hearth and beam furnaces, and more.