At Nutec Bickley we work with different tools that allow us to generate substantial savings and to increase process efficiency for our clients.

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1. Kiln10 software
2. Ansys Fluent
3. IMPS® software for kiln control
Reduce costs and save energy with our technology
How does Nutec Bickley help you save energy?

Some of these tools are as follows:

1. Kiln10 software

This proprietary software allows us to calculate the energy and oxygen needed for each kiln, depending on the firing cycle and the particular production requirements of the individual client.


  • Helps with the selection of both size and optimal capacity of the burners.
  • Prevents wasted energy and promotes temperature uniformity.
  • Calculates how much energy is lost through the walls, roof, floor or kiln car in order to ensure that the external temperature meets safety regulations.
  • Provides energy consumption analysis (kcal) for each cycle, thereby allowing us to deliver a guarantee of optimum consumption to our clients.

2. Ansys Fluent

These applications allow us to analyze the behavior of heat transfer, fluid flow, chemical reactions, etc., inside the kiln in a simulation exercise, prior to its actual manufacture. This allows us to correct potential faults and to optimize kiln specifications to the maximum from the very start.

Ansys Fluent allows us to simulate the temperature/time curve in the kiln for a given product in order to predict how the gas flow will behave inside and to determine if air will flow properly through the product to obtain the desired quality and finish.


  • Have better information to distribute the burners in a better way, optimizing temperature uniformity.
  • It allows to improve the design of the air / gas injection ducts in the furnace in order to achieve a better temperature distribution.
  • Enables a design that allows for product heating with greater efficiency.
  • It allows the client to know what their energy consumption will be in the future, in periods of up to 10 years.
  • We can optimize the heating times in the true heat absorbed by the product.

3. IMPS® software for kiln control

Our kilns are controlled by Nutec Bickley’s proprietary IMPS program installed in conjunction with the best PLCs on the market – brands such as Allen Bradley and Siemens.

Our IMPS pulse-control system provides the PLC with algorithms to optimize and vary the power of the burners, making the kiln more efficient.

  • It is possible to move combustion gases more efficiently within the kiln, leading to better convection and heat transfer into the product.
  • IMPS results in better fuel efficiency.
  • Temperature uniformity is optimized.

Reduce costs and save energy with our technology

Some areas in which these advanced technologies
will positively impact your energy consumption are:

  • Fuel use
  • Harnessing heat and energy resources
  • Process optimization
  • Production times

How does Nutec Bickley help you save energy?

  • We optimize the air-gas ratio of the burners for each process, cycle and product.
  • Our kilns feature internal pressure control to maintain values that help achieve optimal fuel use.

  • Kiln doors are completely sealed to prevent heat leaks or air infiltrations.

  • We work with the client to find the most suitable temperature/time cycles for the product, seeking to establish cycles that deliver quality products: in this, we optimize the heating times at certain stages to shorten production times and thereby make it possible to run more cycles in the same production period.

At Nutec Bickley we industrial furnace manufacturers and experts in implementing solutions for some of the most common problems in the industry, such as the need for energy savings. Contact us to find out more about the IMPS software system, to get a quote for a complete solution – and learn all about our heat recovery solutions and other improvements that help you make the most of your resources and optimize your production.

Author: Adalberto Barrera 

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