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Oct 27 - 30

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Nutec Bickley’s reputation as world leader in insulation systems is well deserved. Our patented ceramic fiber JointlessTM modules (US Patent 6,422,862 B1) for temperatures up to 1,350ºC (2,462), provides for minimal maintenance, fuel economy and extended service life.
Our JointlessTM system consists of monolithic ceramic fiber modules engineered to cover a complete furnace wall, door, or roof. it’s a one piece construction continuously shaped with ceramic fiber blanket folded and anchored. Our JointlessTm modules not only eliminate the joints between smaller modules (as commonly found in ceramic fiber linings), but also eliminate the gaps typically located around the flues which require higher maintenance.

For higher temperature application, our retained brick-floating anchoring system, using Nutec Bickley’s proprietary tongue and groove brick design, greatly extends the life of the refractory linings.This system allows the refractory to expand and contract parallel to the ceramic kiln walls, while refractory alloy anchor hooks and dense alumina anchor bricks restrict movement of brick away from the ceramic kiln shell. Nutec Bickley’s retained brick – floating anchoring system has proven to be an excellent solution for high temperature applications.