IMPS® stands for Nutec Bickley’s unique firing and cooling pulsing control system.

  • Individual burners are pulsed From high fire to low fire at a controlled rate to give the required heat input.
  • The additional burner velocity at precise gas to air ratios gives a perfect solution for temperature uniformity as well as fuel eiciency.
  • The hardware and software which is now used to make IMPS® possible has been developed by Nutec Bickley for over 20 years and has been used in ceramic firing in hundreds of installations.
  • IMPS® Allows different firing modes at any part of a firing cycle to create the perfect firing cycle for the required firing parameters.
  • IMPS® can be used in batch and continuous processes and can be integrated with heat recovery systems.

IMPS Firing modes include:

  • Steaming- prolonged, controlled low temperature hold as low as 100C.
  • Excess Air- perfect for very tight temperature uniformity.
  • On Ratio – The most fuel eficient option available.
  • Reduction – Specific requirement for certain products and processes
  • Rapid Cooling -When speed of cooling is most important.
  • Normal cooling – Where some control is required.
  • Slow or extra controlled cooling – for times when cooling rate is critical.
  • Controlled cooling using burners – for sensitive products where temperature needs to be held during the cooling process.