Nutec Bickley provides heavy duty automated systems for car loading and unloading and transferring loads during heat treatment operations.

Equipment includes manipulators, transfer cars, turntables, elevators, skate tracks, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, car movers, pushers, plus combined equipment such as elevator/turntables, transfer cars with integrated roller conveyors, and transfer cars with pusher systems, among others.

These are typical examples of equipment Nutec Bickley supplies in order to increase efficiency during production operations.

Material Handling

Nutec Bickley material handling systems include the following main design options:

  • Tray return conveyors
  • Transfer car system with motorized roller conveyor
  • Turntable with motorized roller conveyor
  • Roller load and unload tables with integrated pop-up chain conveyor for 90° load transfer
  • Roller conveyors with pusher systems for large steel plates