Nutec Bickley has extensive experience designing and manufacturing tunnel kilns, roller kilns and shuttle kilns for the Ceramic Color industry.

Our kilns use the latest combustion and control technology to fire colors with the best temperature uniformity and atmosphere conditions to ensure consistent final colors.

The ceramic colors and pigments calcined in Nutec Bickley type kilns are inorganic metal oxides used in the paint, plastic and dye industries.

With over 45 years' experience, including recent installations, Nutec Bickley has demonstrated a wide knowledge and experience firing Ceramic Colors. As most ceramic colors are handled as powders, they need to be carried in ceramic saggars during the firing or calcining stages. Temperature uniformity and oxygen levels are something critical; that's why our kilns are designed with that in mind. The kilns can be fitted with thermal oxidizers or post exhaust cleaning systems to protect the environment. Nutec Bickley have supplied many kilns around the world for firing Ceramic Colors.


Nutec Bickley's flexibility in design offers the following features:

  • The best control system offered in the market
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Power Failure Protection System (PFPS) maintains the kiln alight up to 1 minute in case of a power outage
  • Nutec Bickley's kilns are lined with either brick, or their patented Jointless® fibre system
  • Energy recovery systems to ensure the lowest fuel consumption
  • SCADA systems for ease of operation and product quality management
  • Integrated Car Handling System
  • IMPS® combustion and control system




  • Firing / Calcining: High temperature heating is used to force chemical reactions to form stable ceramic color powders. If temperatures and conditions are very uniform, then the fired product will be very consistent and have tight color tolerances.

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Nutec Bickley has extensive experience designing and manufacturing continuous and batch kilns for the Ceramic Colors industry.