Roller Kilns offer the manufacturer a fuel efficient solution where cycles are fast and products require very tight temperature uniformity.

For special technical applications, Nutec Bickley has provided roller kilns as an alternative to shuttle kilns or tunnel kilns. Ceramic rollers are supplied in different materials (mullite or silicon carbide) depending on the application requirements.

Roller kilns comprise a refractory roller conveyor to transport product through a hot tunnel without using kiln cars. Product is placed directly on the roller conveyor or on support plates. The tunnel gets gradually hotter towards the middle so the temperature profile is created by different temperatures at different sections of the kiln. This type of kiln is suitable for fast firing products with excellent consistency.

These kilns are supplied as open flame, gas fired muffle or electric kilns. They can also use LPG or Diesel as a fuel.

The design of Nutec Bickley roller kilns means that fuel consumption is kept to an absolute minimum. The flexible control systems allow many different products to be handled quickly and as part of an integrated flow through a factory. The storage and handling systems are designed to suit each plant’s operation.

The high degree of automation possible with a roller kiln installation is a major benefit and the associated handling systems and setting furniture are ideally suited to fast production cycles and rapid flow processes.

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  • Roller hearth model

Advantages of Roller Kilns

  • Roller kiln setting width: up to 2 m. (6.5 ft)
  • Temperature: up to 1,425°C (2,600°F)
  • Combustion system: Integrated Multi-Zone Pulsing System (IMPS™) or volume flow
  • Great control for roller kiln operation
  • Kiln length: up to 120 m. (400 ft)
  • Insulation: Jointless® fiber system or brick
  • Energy recovery system: pre-heated combustion air up to 425°C (800°F)
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Energy recovery systems to ensure the lowest fuel consumption.
  • Power failure protection system (PFPS)
  • SCADA systems for ease of operation and product quality management
  • Elimination of kiln cars and most kiln furniture
  • Lowest possible fuel consumption
  • Automated product handling and easy loading and unloading
  • Modular construction for preassembly and fast installation
  • Low maintenance requirements due to optimum roller kiln design
  • Computer controlled cycle times due to lack of kiln cars
  • Ease of product switch
  • Consistency of product
  • Rapid cycles

Industries where Roller Kilns are used

  • Tableware, general pottery, terracotta, refractories.
  • Certain sanitaryware items, technical ceramics, ceramic fibre.

  • Grinding media, abrasives, ferrites, colours, powders and pigments.
  • Firing of bulk materials


Processes where Roller Kilns are used

  • First fire
  • Glazing / Glaze firing
  • Biscuit Firing 

  • Glost Firing
  • Decoration Firing


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With our SCADA systems, kiln operators are able to have complete control of their firing process, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Our latest Industry 4.0 developments integrate the latest technology to not only monitor the process, but also to keep the kiln operating at peak performance with smart maintenance technology. All the data generated during the firing process is stored in our SCADA system, which is then used to generate reports, graphs and intelligence data, to help customers in their decision making process.

Why Nutec Bickley?

  • The roller kiln design uses a reliable helical gear roller drive systems and high performance rollers. This allows heavier products to be loaded safely.
  • The high degree of automation possible with a roller kiln installation is a major benefit and the associated handling systems and setting furniture are ideally suited to fast production cycles and rapid flow processes.
  • The high level of automaticity means that computer controlled firing curves and cycle times can be employed.
  • All of our equipment is 100% customized considering our customer's needs.
  • Nutec Bickley’s broad control systems design experience permits exactly the appropriate level of control sophistication required to meet our customers’ needs. Systems include customized supervisory control and data acquisition software (SCADA), and more.
  • In addition to full control over the process, Nutec Bickley’s control systems allow for faster service and troubleshooting by providing networking and remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Customers are encouraged to visit our facilities anytime they want to check and do the proper follow up to their projects.


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