Control logic support

Testing, correction and verification service for the proper functioning of the programs, logic and electrical equipment that control an industrial furnace.

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Failure to secure a control logic support service for your furnaces can pose problems, since you are exposed to a situation where:

  • Your furnace does not perform the required actions in the correct way and at the right time.
  • You do not have adequate control of your furnace.
  • Faults arise in the furnace operation, which can cause stoppages or abnormal operation of the equipment.

We can help you avoid these problems.

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Benefits of our furnace control logic support service

  • We inspect the entire electrical installation and make sure it’s functioning correctly.

  • We advise you on issues of PLC, HMI, SCADA and updating of all types of furnace control platforms.

  • Correct programming of your equipment.
  • Ensuring the correct operation of your furnace control logic, we guarantee the safety of your equipment.
  • We can streamline the operation process of your equipment.

  • We help increase the level of equipment automation, thereby reducing the human error factor.
  • We prevent minor failures that can lead to major problems.
  • We maintain the operation of the equipment, which avoids stoppages and downtime in production.

We’re here for you when:

  • The furnace won’t ignite.
  • The burners turn off and do not light automatically.
  • The equipment executes actions out of sequence.
  • You don't know what actions the system is performing, or why.
  • You want your equipment to execute different actions than the ones it is pursuing

And any other problem that may arise in your combustion equipment

Our service includes:

  • Highly qualified staff to solve problems
  • Field survey.
  • Specialized software for connection with hardware and software.
  • Personnel and tools to validate the signals up to the control room panel.


If you can share the following information with us, we can help you more rapidly:

Control type

PLC model

PLC backup

Furnace electrical or control engineering

Procedure to engage our troubleshooting service:



Call us and tell us about your need or problem.



We will send you a quote.



We will schedule the visit to your plant to perform the service.



Follow-up after your results, or to address additional queries.

Ask for technical support


Why won't my equipment turn on?

It may be an issue in the control logic of the physical equipment; we can help check and correct it.

Why do the burners go out?

It may be an issue in the control logic or calibration of the burners; we can help check and correct it.

My equipment did not previously perform a certain action – why is it doing it now?

It is necessary to check first there isn’t a physical problem, then check the control logic; we can help you with this.

Can I instruct my equipment to do something?

WYes, providing you have equipment that physically executes that particular action safely, we can help you program your equipment


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