Industrial furnace audits

We provide services to check the current physical condition of your combustion systems and furnaces. We provide you with a diagnosis and/or we update recommendations on safety, insulation, control and combustion issues.

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Failing to conduct regular furnace audits can pose problems, since you otherwise risk:

  • Having outdated equipment or systems that do not comply with current safety regulations.
  • Having obsolete or discontinued components.
  • Operating below optimal levels.
  • Losing the opportunity to take advantage of new solutions and technologies.
  • Not having a furnace performance history, which would help you optimize your operation.
  • Experiencing combustion and control problems.

We can help you solve all kinds of these problems.

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Benefits of our industrial furnace audit service


Operate at the technological forefront

Offering market-leading brands, we help you integrate the latest technologies to optimize your processes.


Nobody more proficient than a furnace manufacturer

We have a thorough knowledge of all types of combustion systems thanks to our many years of experience.


Best practice

We carry out audits based on the best practices defined in the NFPA 86 standard, and following IHEA recommendations.


Fully certified measurement equipment

Our equipment is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.


Expert consultation

Support with technical information and consultation programs offered exclusively to our clients.


Experience with diverse industrial processes

We have extensive knowledge and experience of the processes of all sectors of the industry.

When do I need an industrial furnace audit?

  • What is not measured cannot be optimized. If you've never performed an audit, the time to do it is now.
  • When output is reduced, or you observe product quality problems.
  • When regular process failures begin to occur.
  • When there is a constant problem that you cannot resolve.
  • When frequent replacements of a specific furnace component are needed.
  • If the end customer asks you to comply with a certain quality standard.
  • If you need to audit your furnace to ensure it consistently operates correctly.
  • When a government or safety organization is going to conduct an audit.
  • To comply with an insurer’s requirements, in order to guarantee your plant’s insurance certificate.
  • If you believe there is any risk to the health of your employees.
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What we do as part of our audit service:

  • We audit your combustion system, its components and safety logic, using best practice procedures.
  • We undertake field surveys to establish any necessary technology changes to your furnaces and/or combustion systems.
  • We check the physical state of your furnaces and your combustion system’s components.
  • We perform energy efficiency, gas emission and fuel consumption calculations.
  • We deliver a technical audit report detailing our findings and conclusions.


If you can share the following information with us, we can help you more rapidly:

Data on the part, model and brand of the equipment that is failing, to enable us to consult the appropriate technical data sheet and quickly locate possible causes.

If it is a problem with the furnace, please share the electrical engineering diagrams with us so that we can study them.

Share a schematic drawing of the installed instrumentation, so we can identify the structure of the furnace and its components.

Site access information, so that we can enter and work in your plant: security measures, protective equipment (PPE), documentation, permits, medical clearance, etc.

Procedure to engage our audit service:



Call us and tell us about your need or problem.



We will send you a quote.



We will schedule the first visit of your audit.



Follow-up after your results, or to address additional queries.

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Can you help me comply with NFPA 86?

Of course, we perform audits based on the best practices outlined in the NFPA86 standard, and following the recommendations of the IHEA.

Will an audit help me operate better?

That's right, having a furnace performance history and implementing the latest technologies will help you optimize your operation.

What equipment checks take place as part of an audit?

We check the physical state of your furnaces, and your combustion system’s components.

In which geographical areas do you provide your service?

We provide these services throughout the world, regardless of your geographical area.

Do you only service Nutec Bickley furnaces?

We can support all kinds of combustion equipment with our troubleshooting service, regardless of the brand.


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