Industrial furnace surveys

Temperature uniformity testing service. We use various measurement instruments to evaluate your furnaces’ operational performance.

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Failure to carry out these surveys can be a problem, since it can result in you:

  • Being unable to offer a minimum level of homogeneity in your heating processes.
  • Not achieving the quality of material that your client requires.
  • Operating below optimal levels.
  • Not having the kind of furnace performance history that could help you optimize your operation.
  • Being unable to diagnose combustion and control problems present in the equipment.

We can help you solve all kinds of these problems.

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Benefits of our furnace survey service


Review of your furnace’s temperature homogeneity

In accordance with the particular requirements of the process.



Procedures according to the ICQI9 heat treatment standard, NFPA 86, etc.


Good practices

We carry out surveys based on best industry practice, following the recommendations of the IHEA.


Experience in various industrial processes

We have extensive knowledge and experience in diverse industrial processes.



Certified measurement equipment

Our equipment is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015.



Advice from industrial furnace experts.


Our service assists you when:

  • You have product quality problems
  • You are experiencing only limited temperature homogeneity in some zones.
  • Your furnace has difficulty reaching the control set point temperature.
  • Your equipment struggles to maintain the set point temperature.
  • You need to guarantee temperature homogeneity in order to ensure the quality of your process and final product.

And any other problem that may arise in your combustion equipment

Our industrial furnace surveys service includes:

  • Materials and instrumentation necessary for the surveys (thermocouples, data logger, etc).
  • Field survey of relevant variables within the furnace operation.
  • Review of the physical state of your furnaces and combustion system components.
  • Delivery of technical audit reports detailing the findings and resolutions.

If you can share the following information with us, we can help you more rapidly:

Internal dimensions of your furnace.

Brief description of the process.

Maximum operating temperature.

Material and geometry of products to be processed.

Procedure to contract our industrial furnace surveys service:



Call us and tell us about your need or problem.



We will send you a quote.



We will schedule the visit to your plant to perform the service.



Follow-up after your results, or to address additional queries.

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Can you help me obtain my own internal survey?

Of course, after conducting the survey, a report is delivered with the findings and recommendations to improve the temperature uniformity of your furnace.

What equipment checks will be carried out in the survey?

We will review: Internal dimensiones of your furnace, knowledge of your process, operating temperatures, material and geometry of products to be processed and configuration of the product on the car or inside the furnace.

Do you only provide this service for Nutec Bickley furnaces?

No, we can support all kinds of combustion equipment with our service, regardless of the brand.

In which geographical regions do you provide this service?

We provide our services throughout the world, regardless of your geographical area.

How can a survey help me?

It can help you improve product quality by ensuring temperature uniformity in your process.


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